The Vineyards

Champagne Roger Coulon - Montagne de Reims

For eight generations a family of winegrowers - since 1806 located in a Premier Cru village called Vrigny within the Montagne de Reims and 10km from the City of Reims.

Today the vineyard is passionately run by Husband & wife Eric & Isabelle Coulon. Eric is very passionate about champagne, he is the Vrigny winegrower’s president and he shares with his fellow members a wish of even higher quality in the way they run their vineyards.
Isabelle Coulon welcomes all their visitors for Champagne tasting and cares for the commercialisation.

Over 95,000 bottles are produced every year. Customers are mostly French, export to Belgium, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Italy and United States.

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